I was going through some of my friends profile on Facebook when I realised that we all are concerned about our country, about its growth and shortcomings which stops india in becoming a developed nation. We all talk about it, raise questions about the things and events which are deteriorating image of our india. In doing so what we all do brilliantly is to blame the khakis and white kurta pyjamas. 
Suddenly a thought came to my mind by doing all these discussions — what is it that we are doing different from what these people do whom we held responsible for everything wrong in our india. Have we (the new generations) ever thought of analysing our behaviour and our actions we are taking for meeting our goals (both personal and professional). Lets start from our personal life we find it difficult to be faithful and loyal to our partners (feel proud in two timing or having an extra marital affair), giving importance and love to friends, giving respect to our parents thoughts and experiences.
Now lets take a look at the professional front as well, do we think twice before taking the shortcuts for reaching to higher levels or the growth?  
  • Whether it is by buttering our manager or 
  • By making them feel that we count them as real friends and respect them so that we can get those extra favours and help without doing anything worth of; to be capable of reaching to that level. In reality we abuse and disrespect them
  • Deteriorating our colleagues image to improve ours
  • Pretending to be a friend to many to use them for our benefits.
 Nine out of ten from all of us prefer getting involved in all these things rather than working hard or doing something productive to reach at higher level. In other words we choose to pull someone down to reach the higher level rather than taking the effort of climbing on to higher branch of the tree. In short we find it difficult to be True, human, Real, keep a hold on our morals and values, caring and faithful to the handful of people in our life and yet we expect the khakis and white kurtas to carry forward these high values and behaviour for the 1.15 billion indians. Why ? why we want them to have such high principles and values and do the justice to 1.15 billion people of this country when we find it difficulty to do the same for 50 or hundred people in our life. 
The other thing which striked my mind is by discussing that government is doing nothing for the people, soldiers, safety, for growth, poverty etc.., for any failure of the country its only khakis and kurtas are responsible, We are doing nothing productive because we are again and again discussing about the problems and who’s responsible for it which I think even a beggar or an uneducated man/ women from the village would also know. What value are we adding by being educated, intelligent or tech savvy. Should’nt we the X generation be discussing or giving a thought to what could be the possible solutions to these problems and the successful way of implementing them.
 Lets say for e;g when these questions came into my mind that why government is not doing anything about this or that issue. I was just thinking about the problem…. then a second thought came to my mind we have this law called RTI (Right To Information) which gives every citizen the right of asking questions from the government. What are we doing about it… why we don’t want to make use of it and make the officials feel that they are answerable to the nation for their actions. According to one of the surveys I read in one of the newspaper, 30 to 40% population of  india is using social networking sites. If that’s true then we the x generation can use these tools to make people aware about it and motivate them to file an RTI. Government can ignore a question from 1, 2 or 20 people but not from the 40% people of our nation. 


When I went through the site of RTI, I came to know that the department wants the young and civil people to apply for the positions of Information Commissioner so that we can help this law to be able to bring more transparency in the actions of government and make the government feel more responsible towards their duty. This was just an example of finding out the way we can contribute something as a citizen of india. Not to forget to give a second thought to our own principles and values which we are following to move ahead in life…  


Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota use perfect banana padta hai…. police mein bharti honge, military join karenge, politics ka hisaa banenge…………………… even if we find it difficult to do any of the above things we can try to find out the ways to contribute our bit to our nation… and we can start it by asking them Why? for everthing they are responsible for
I will try to find out more about this Law and how we can use it.
Jai Hind 






No one can see

No one can feel

No one can hear

But my soul refuses to believe that

I exist nowhere

No one loved

No one cared

No one missed

And  my soul still doubt

 If  I exist

I love this song, I dont remember  how many time I have heard this song but everytime I hear it, I end up losing myself into some other world. I wish I could have choreographed this song as per my imagination. Although I have tried to pen down a selected part of my imagination but was not able to do full justice to it as I am still a learner in the art of playing with words.


“tohse naina laage piya saanware
nahin bas me ab yeh jiya saanware
mohabbat to ek jaaveda zindagi hai” from the movie Anwar


This song makes me feel as if the writer has written each word while imagining the time when God would be making Love to his beloved. Not able to behold the Love in their heart, melting in each other arms like chandni melts into the darkness of night and loves the process of getting destroyed and over powered by each other. It feels as if she was only a carcass, still she was breathing, breathing from his soul, she feels life in her with his every touch, her face starts glowing, eyes shining – shining with pride of his love for her. Then light covers up everything – light of their unconditional Love, trust, and pride for each other, a light reflecting “New Life”.
A new life which is soft like her skin, strong like his body, innocent like her eyes, naughty like his dreams and full of LOVE like their heart.

This is from my Jaipur trip or rather the first ever trip of my life. I love this pic because I am looking very golu molu bachha in this. Althought I didnt find jaipur very interesting place to go but still one reason was enough for me to get excited,  that I am going somewhere out of delhi with friends and I made sure to enjoy every bit of it. About jaipur only thing i love to recall is “chaukidhani” and its food


I love pictures in a walking or running pose so i made sure to have one. I have this dream to run like Amitabh Bachchan in Agnipath.


Garry and me coming out of the mandir with a long red tikka on our forehead. Garry with her big eyes looks amazing with a tikka, she only needs a trishul to complete her durga looks. 

Here we were coming back from the church and were walking towards our hotel. The road was surrounded by trees on both the sides.

Team player – one is stripping and other is dancing and collectively doing Stripdance…not literally though 😉

 Although we all are looking serious in this pic but this is the place where we laughed like crazy and  none of us would ever forget the incident that happened on this place

My Adventure Partner in both the trips that I’ve been to


This is one of the achievements of which I am very proud of. This is Bhagsunath Fall, one have to try hard to reach at the Top as there was no ‘road’, we had to climb up though the narrow lane which was full of slippery marbles. So everyone except me and Radhika decided to enjoy tea half way instead of enjoying the Waterfall. It ended up like a task for us to be completed in 15 minutes, as Garima warned us ” tumhare pas 15 minute hai jisme tumhe waha par jana hai aur wapas bhi aana hai, aur jo bhi karna hai sab es time mein ho jana chahiye otherwise we all will leave both of you”. And yessss we did it… we reached there, took out our shoes, took lots of pics and then ran back to reach on time. I don’t know about Radhika but I enjoyed it a lot. The water was so chilled, that the moment I entered into the water I shouted at the top of my voice, Radhika thought I am shouting because of excitement but then she realized the truth once she got the feel of it.


 Here we are in Cave Garden, posing for the pic.

 kisne kaha ek mayan mein 2 talwar nahi reh sakti yaha to ek ‘frame’ mein 3 hain 😛

 Pose suggested by Garima

Can you believe that we all are working in an MNC. We all were supposed to raise our hands to have one 

Scene was something like this – Nitin Pappa ji shouted ” bachho jis jis ko khana hai apne hath upar kar lo” and we all raised our hands shouting “mere ko…mere ko” and one Sardar uncle who was passing by us raised both his hands… that was really very funny.

 A very cute dog near naini lake so how can we leave him. You can see three ‘people’ together who are cute and at the same time have a tendency of being wild and dangerous

No, please dont misunderstand we are not best friends 🙂


I love getting drenched in rain, so inspite of lots of scoldings I did what I love and yesss I enjoyed it. Although Nitin gave me warning that if I catch cold then as a punishment everyone will scold me turn by turn but who cared… I dint 😀

The concept:

  • For the 18 questions that have been asked, write down your honest answer (in a word or two).
  • Type your answers, one by one, on an exactly-as-written-on-paper basis, in the search bar of any image search engine that you prefer (Flickr / Google Image Search etc.).
  • You MUST use the same search engine for all 18 answers.
  • For every answer, only from the FIRST page of the search result, save exactly ONE image.
  • Once you have a list of 18 images, each corresponding to one answer, compose a post in line with this post that you are reading right now.

I have stolen the concept from Garima who was tagged by someone. I found this interesting and thought of composing a post.

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